OHHAII, whazzup blogizzle?

 Ohhaii is right!
I could come up with "valid" reason for not blogging in a week (or two) like study, snow or tests, but to be honest, I wasn't arsed :D The one and only reason for the abundance of my eben flow of opinionated shiz, is my inertia: ITS HUGE.
As resident genius, Mr. Dalton, pens it, "stay-putness" o-O In relation to my mass, the actual inertia of my being has got to be reacting to a separate, untapped gravity source because being deadly honest, hand over heart and all that, I'm not lazy by choice, it's the gravities fault! I swearsies :L
So if you want someone to blame, look relitively downward and flip off the ground. (only REAL fans will do it. Bet you feel inadequate, so post proof of your hatred of the gravity. :L )
Like, just imagine if, just for a day, gravity on earth was the same as that on the moon per say... trampolines would be fun, thats for sure! :D

Anyway, I'm notorious for liking indie music within my friends so I thought I might link a band I like on each of my posts so, to start off I'd like to introduce (to some) MODEST MOUSE!

How 'bout this?? :L

I'm BACK BABY! (maybe, I'm not quite sure if I'll make it a thing or not yet, who knows (BANJO FACE) )


Christmas, why do you have to be so freakin' difficult??

Hi stalkers :) I'm back WITH A VENGEANCE!! (of doom.)
No really, 'blogger' is pissing me off. I can't comment on anyones blog, including mine. If anyone has a solution PLEASE dont hesitate to comment, 'cause I sure as hell can't!

But yeah, Chrimbo.
I would like to say I'm still pretty much a child to some extent, but chronologically speaking I'm pretty much on the express route to my future. These two things together seem to collide into one hell of a holiday mess. I want to look mature and nice and not ask for anything expensive but at this point of the year my brain goes into a state of child like awe at the all the thing I want, and this is when greed kicks the nice section of my brain where it's balls should be.
A month ago I wanted, two things, two video games actually, Assassin's Creed Bro-hood (thats the gangsta edition, cause I'm all that) and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and that wasnt going to change. Now I want a melodica, a new guitar, an electric double bass, a submarine, an alarm clock that makes everyone else wait for me to get up, instead of getting me up!, some form hover thing, anything that hovers is awesome in my books :) and I could keep going on, but I know I'll just think of more thinks I want if I do. I feel sorry for the poor sods who have their birthday around now, god they must be running up the walls with excitement ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!! )

But (un)fortunately the adult side of things keeps creeping in.
Enter Prof. Killjoy, Ph D. in being a PAIN IN MY ASS! When you are younger, your parents buy an aray of gifts for you to label as your ideas and even sign them on your behalf, but when it actually gets to the point that you're your own adult supervision in buying gifts, its bloody difficult!
There have been blogs on this before, the trials and tribunes of buying gifts, or more to the point buying a gift that a person would like, it's seemingly harder than keeping rabid toddlers happy, but I made this blog to vent my frustration so here we go *cracks fingers, CAPS LOCK ON*

                                              L                L
                                                   I       I
                                    DFJB;OGHGADFXLKFZ                VKDK   TSDFY
                                    BKKV..GHGB/;ODSLKVL                   KGYDY
                                     VABDFJKLNBDFJFFKL                       VMF
                                       DVM,BZN.ZBVNJKL                          FK
                                         VKJSKJDSFNKJDFSGJG            KNFLK

*caps lock off*

Hey look, I caught a fail whale! :D

When deciding on a gift for someone, three things curve your decision on what to get them
1. The Person. As in what they like, what they need, and weather or not you like them. :)
2. The Law of Diminishing Returns (Thanks Margaret :] )
3. How much you're willing to pay on them, which kinda links back to point one.
oh and 4. Availability of that item. (I'm not gonna be able to get a submarine, am I?)

So I guess I should finish this entry up here, and continue ruling out every logical gift option for my loved ones and coming up with more completely stupid things I want. 



... I think I'll keep looking


Lesabussum. She's awesome :P

As a form of anti-rejection...
Hannah :)
There you go Hannah :)

BLAGITY BLOG. Hi, I'm Chris.

If there's one thing I've learned in english class, its structure so LEZ DO DEEZZ.

Hi I'm Chris, I'm 17, I'm a musician and student, and now a blogger I guess :)

There's a list of three things which has convinced me to start this:
1. Boredom. 
2. My friends.
3. And an abundance of things to talk about, and a keyboard to voice said things. :)

1. Boredom's a bitch. If you aren't a victim to the recent cold front of shear house arrest then your one of the lucky people who probably don't live in Ireland :) Global warming my arse, this is a feckin' Iceage, except without the outstandingly devoted squirrels ( yes, pixar kicks ass, no exceptions :P )
To fight of the boredom I've tried the obvious snow things, snowmen, snow angles, snow ball fights, snow cones, snow olympics, snow snowing, snow-snow snowing... you get the drift... but I've also tried the inside option. It starts with the endurance game of seeing how long you can actually stay in bed before it gets sore to lie down anymore (the laptop always helps :P ) Then the scramble to see what food sticks when you throw it at your face, commonly know a eating. Then more laptop. Then possibly more laptop. Then abit more laptop. Then musicifing. I've never wrote a song in my life before this snow week, I've managed to write three so far. Then food, laptop, T.V, food, laptop, music, etc. If not for the clock and calender on the technology I'm using, I honestly couldnt tell you what time or day it is.

2. My friends are awesome. Nuff said.
Check these three out for a start.

3. The abundance of things slowly gets smaller and smaller as you think about them, which is kinda counter-productive on their behave if I do say so myself. I'm not quite sure if theres a technical therm for it or not but if there is please comment telling me, cause it ruins everything I do. I wouldnt call it OCD, but I go over most conversations I have in my head before I voice them, not alot of people actually know that about me... you must fell so privileged, Ha, but it usually ends up with me not even saying anything. This crops up in pretty much everything I do though. Music, lyrics, meeting new people, meeting new girls I like (but thats more a shutting down of my entire nervous system), writing and even everyday conversations. It sucks, but as far as I've grasped I'm not the only one who acts like that, and I'm pretty sure its everyone to some extent even though some people manage to ignore it, which is a trait I greatly admire. If it werent for my friend Gary (first link, press it i tells yah!) telling me not to think about what to write this would have been two lines of boring information about me, but some how I managed to shut off my over thinking switch for this short while as I've convinced myself that no-one will actually read this, but thats beside the matter. Thanks Ginge.

... I really need a theme song.