OHHAII, whazzup blogizzle?

 Ohhaii is right!
I could come up with "valid" reason for not blogging in a week (or two) like study, snow or tests, but to be honest, I wasn't arsed :D The one and only reason for the abundance of my eben flow of opinionated shiz, is my inertia: ITS HUGE.
As resident genius, Mr. Dalton, pens it, "stay-putness" o-O In relation to my mass, the actual inertia of my being has got to be reacting to a separate, untapped gravity source because being deadly honest, hand over heart and all that, I'm not lazy by choice, it's the gravities fault! I swearsies :L
So if you want someone to blame, look relitively downward and flip off the ground. (only REAL fans will do it. Bet you feel inadequate, so post proof of your hatred of the gravity. :L )
Like, just imagine if, just for a day, gravity on earth was the same as that on the moon per say... trampolines would be fun, thats for sure! :D

Anyway, I'm notorious for liking indie music within my friends so I thought I might link a band I like on each of my posts so, to start off I'd like to introduce (to some) MODEST MOUSE!

How 'bout this?? :L

I'm BACK BABY! (maybe, I'm not quite sure if I'll make it a thing or not yet, who knows (BANJO FACE) )


  1. Ooh They're cool! And Mr Dalton may be a genius but he is NOT a good teacher.... :P

    And yay, you're back! I thought you'd died or something :D

  2. lol I like the wheezy reference...

    Maybe you should only say it on Wednesday? :P